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I love trainwrecks.

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I am a simple person. I try to make a difference but I never ever dream of grandstanding or world domination. In a day, I work for 8 hours, sleep for 6, and try to make the most of the remaining 10 hours. My simple vices are reading, eating, watching TV and DVDs and listening to music. I can live forever just by doing them. I am not a fan of extreme challenges and dangerous exploits.

I am currently a locally employed staff of the US State Department.

Books are my greatest passion. I enjoy reading every genre though my moods certainly dictate what I should read during certain moments. I DO NOT like hardbound books, not only because they are more expensive, but because they are heavier. I get a weird feeling when I carry and read them. Trade paperbacks are best for me.

I have no particular favorite author as I read books on any genre. As for magazines, I collect Vanity Fair, so I obviously have gone past the normal annoyance towards bazillions of print ads before the actual magazine contents :)

Next to reading, my greatest vice is watching television. I love House, MD (my family and close friends would say that 'love' is an understatement!), Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Desperate Housewives, Family Guy, and all of Aaron Sorkin's TV shows.

I will never get tired of eating chicken dishes, french fries, tofu and sweet beans.

I have a lot of acquaintances but only a few real friends. I do not trust people easily but, on the contrary, I believe in the natural goodness of people.

I love blabbing about my life, no matter how incoherent my thoughts are. I am practically everywhere in cyberspace :) Blogspot, Multiply, Wordpress, Facebook, Friendster, MySpace, Last.Fm, Imeem...name it, it's possible I'm there. :) I would appreciate it if you follow me on Twitter, too - www.twitter.com/juditigger.

I love love.

There you go, that's me.